Describing and Representing Ratios for Grade 6-9

May 6th, 2020
7:00pm EST

In this PLC we will look at some of the common gaps, misconceptions, and errors students make with Describing and Representing Ratios from using a ratio to represent a situation, to identifying equivalent ratios.   By completing this PLC, you will become better adept at identifying and addressing common issues students experience when learning to work with ratios and you will have had an opportunity to apply what you learned to your own class. 


Please note: Since this topic spans multiple grades (usually grade 6 and above) be aware of what is expected of your students and where your students are along this developmental path.


Use the following resources to help prepare you for our this session.

Our Host - Bill Nediger

Bill worked for the Thames Valley District School Board for 30 years.  He taught for 24 years in three diverse schools primarily in the Intermediate and Junior Divisions, but with some assignments in the Primary Division.  After leaving the classroom, he acted as an Instructional Coach, working alongside teachers as they refined their math instruction.  His final role with the TVDSB was as Learning Coordinator for Mathematics, K-8, helping coordinate and deliver support for math instruction throughout the Board.  One of the most rewarding projects while in the role of Learning Coordinator involved bringing together Grade 8 and Grade 9 teachers to develop a common understanding of curriculum and assessment.  As a presenter, along with numerous presentations across the TVDSB, Bill co-presented at WOMA, OAME, GVMA and the OAME Leadership Conference.  He has also taught AQ courses jointly offered through Western University and the TVDSB.  In retirement, Bill continues to be involved with math education while pursuing many other lifelong interests including the classical guitar. 


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