Professional Learning Community

Describing and Representing Ratios for Grade 6-9

May 6th, 2020
7:00pm EST

About Knowledgehook's Professional Learning Community

What are Knowledgehook PLCs?

Knowledgehook, in partnership with expert mathematical instructors from across North America, are hosting a series of learning opportunities for teachers.


These Professional Learning Communities will be focused on using formative assessment and teacher professional learning to study student work and determine actions that will help move students forward in their mathematical understanding.  


Participants will be provided with both an activity to run with their students and relevant study material on the associated topic.   Armed with the data from their own classroom, Teachers can then join a live webinar with a Knowledgehook-selected Math Leader who will walk through common mathematical misconceptions students have and help develop ideas about interventions that can be used to address those issues in the classroom.  


Knowledgehook PLC’s are designed to be relevant and immediately useful to teachers in their own classroom.  

How Does it Work?
  • Teachers can register for the PLC (registration link)

  • Upon registration, teachers will receive a link that can be opened in Knowledgehook that will provide both a formative assessment activity and a set of study resources on the topic

  • Participating teachers are expected to read the resources provided and run the short formative assessment activity with their students before the webinar date.

  • After the webinar, teachers can complete the PLC by working with their students to address any gaps, errors, or misconceptions and then running a “Growth Report” to measure the impact of the intervention.

  • Teachers who complete the PLC within the timeframe provided will earn a Knowledgehook PLC certificate, signed by the presenter, of completion of the PLC on that specific topic area. 


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